Live Beautiful Now (LBN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization inspired by the memory of the beloved Latrece Bell and her struggle with Bipolar Disorder. Latrece's  sister, Lora Bell-Rosemon  and best friend Carmen Martinez founded Live Beautiful Now in 2012  to “Break the Barriers on Bipolar Disorder” for women in the Houston Community and their supporters. 

Our Mission

To promote awareness and provide guidance to women suffering from Bipolar Disorder, their families, and supporters, with information on emphasizing symptom recognition, minimizing stigmas, and prevention of suicidal incidents. 


Live Beautiful Now envisions that by reaching out to women in the Houston community that are  affected by Bipolar Disorder, and guiding them to the appropriate resources for professional counseling and support will result in hope, treatment, and an adoration for the gift of life.

Our Story

Latrece Miranda Bell // Resurrected into the hearts of the supporters of Live Beautiful Now

Latrece Miranda Bell // Resurrected into the hearts of the supporters of Live Beautiful Now

Live Beautiful Now is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization created to honor the life of Latrece Miranda Bell and to help others in similar circumstances. Latrece was a loving and vivacious daughter, sister and friend.

During her lifetime, Latrece was a graduate of The University of Houston with honors obtaining a Bachelor's in Business and Finance. Latrece became a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority while attending U of H.  In January of 2003, Latrece obtained her real estate and broker's license, later to open her own real estate company Latrece Bell Real Estate.

In November 2003, Latrece was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. In 2011, symptoms of her illness re-surfaced. Her friends and family struggled to find assistance for her condition. Sadly, on April 20, 2011, Latrece succumbed to the symptoms of her mental illness and took her life. She was 32 years old. 

After her death, Carmen and Lora decided to create a non-profit in her memory. The name was inspired by Latrece's real estate slogan "Opening the Doors to Living Beautifully". As a child, Latrece's favorite color was purple. In addition, purple signifies the loss of a friend or family member by suicide. The members of Live Beautiful Now display purple on all paraphernalia. 


Beautiful Totes Program: Latrece Bell enjoyed photography, painting, and flowers. Our logo is dedicated to her memory. Dealing with Bipolar Disorder will not be easy for those diagnosed and their caregivers. Stress is an important factor in mental illness because it can worsen symptoms and lead to relapses. If you can decrease stress, you can decrease symptoms.Being able to cope effectively with stressful situations can minimize the effects of stress on you and your symptoms.  Our hope is to reduce stress and help understand triggers that lead to manic or depressive episodes for those diagnosed, families and supporters. With our Beautiful Totes we provide essential products to help comfort and aid some relief for many stress factors, understand and identify the sources of stress while maintaining a stable and manageable life resulting in a healing outcome. The totes will include: Adult Stress Relieving Coloring Book , Personal Journal, Live Beautiful Now Shirt, Essential oils/Candles, Art Supply Kit and Picture frame. 


Blossom Beautiful Awareness Program: As advocates for Suicide Prevention, we are partnering up with local florists to focus on key mental health months and push sales of purple flower arrangements benefiting LBN. The color purple signifies the loss of a loved one due to suicide. These arrangements will be given to families that have lost someone along with a LBN signature keepsake. This will remind families that there is hope and life after an ultimately devastation and that their loved one is still remembered and close at heart. For the survivors, to remind them they are loved, worthy, and someone is thinking of them.


Opening the Doors to Living Beautifully.
— Latrece Miranda Bell


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